Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Move over Bridget Jones

Every now and again I read a book that strikes a chord with me - Coming Off Love by Bridgit Newman is just such a book.

Coming Off Love gives one of the clearest explanations I have ever encountered of what addiction actually is (you can read the description in the prologue using the 'Look Inside' feature on Amazon here) and goes on to give a heart-rending account of Newman's journey out of denial and into recovery from sex and love addiction.

What's impressive is her 'ordinariness' - she is neither a coke-snorting A-lister nor a smack-shooting junkie - and yet she has powerfully succumbed to (what she observes is) the most socially lauded of all the addictions - addiction to sex and so-called love.

For the lay person (i.e. anyone coming cold to the subject), this is a compelling and illuminating read, especially for women (and perhaps even men) who find themselves in the perplexing position of arriving at 'a certain age' and finding it impossible to enter into secure and stable relationship.

For therapists who work in the field of addiction, this would make an excellent recommendation for patients with relational difficulties, for whom identification with the author may provide insight, comfort, hope and relief.

Newman's style also makes this book difficult to put down - prepare to join Bridgit in her redemptive plight for a full 24 hours!

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