Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A lot of hot air

I remember my grandfather saying to me 'the day they try and sell you water will be the beginning of the end'. I think of this whenever I hoik my 4x2L Evian bottles up the stairs or listen to my relatives in Australia talk about the way that water is now being sold to the populace per litre - that's right, folks, in Australia (the thirstiest country in the world) you pay for every litre you use.

So when I see adverts like the one above, in which the headline reads 'Imagine capturing this much CO2 every day', I begin to question what 'they' are up to now.

It's common knowledge that what comes to pass in this exciting and progressive world in which we live is controlled by a handful of individuals at the top of the food chain. It is they who now control everything - who gets to eat and how much they pay for it, which ideologies will prevail, which currencies (or none) will survive, which religion (or none) will dominate, globally. It's all part and parcel of our brave, new modern 'democracy'.

The carbon story is one they've been trying to sell for some time now. Because if you can sell the idea that carbon is destructive, then you can implement laws to restrict its pervasion. And because all life is made up of carbon, you can effectively control life itself. Ingenious! And this is what 'they' now want to do.

The carbon strategy (carbon, CO2 emissions, call it what you will) has two major ends - to implement taxes on life itself (i.e. carbon tax) and to make the case for the radical need to limit the amount of life on earth - human life, that is.

That way, there will be fewer 'wasters' (like us) and more room for the valuable humans - i.e. humans like 'them'. A kind of global eugenics programme, in fact.

This advertisement is an attempt to reinforce among us 'prols' the notion that restricting carbon is the way forward for mankind. What they fail to divulge is that the mankind they have in mind doesn't actually include us.

There are those who understand what is going on and those who don't. In these times, we must watch with vigilance the stories we are being sold and question the agenda behind them. When you begin waking up, you will see that what is emerging is all a part of one agenda. The terrifying agenda of a handful of evil men.

Wake up!

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