Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Changing the English curriculum - another item on the hidden agenda

The GCSE curriculum is changing and there has been angry backlash in the twit-o-sphere, with objections mainly focused on personal attacks of Michael Gove, the minister responsible. He is not well liked. But nowhere have I seen any comment on the actual content being axed and what it may mean for the formation of young minds.

How interesting that The Crucible is disappearing into the ether, Miller's brilliant allegory of McCarthyism, the US government's 1950s campaign to prosecute people (like Miller himself) for 'un-American activities'. Could it be that reminders of this persecution of freedom of speech are now unwelcome to the social, political and financial elite, who are now openly seeking to forge ahead with their long-awaited new world order?

And what about the removal of To Kill A Mockingbird? Doesn't that go against this argument, its stunning portrayal of racial discrimination being something the elites would want to promote in their mania for forced sameness?

I think not. You see, the racial discrimination issue has become passé - they've been there and done that - the stakes are now much higher. Now they want us to persuade us that men and women are the same - therefore that men can be women and women can be men - and to classify those who disagree as hate-filled bigots. Yes, the conversation has moved on - the racial stuff is old hat.

Now we've moved from truth (racial discrimination is not right) to lies (gender discrimination is not right - a distortion of the reality that there are real differences between men and women and real moral issues at stake, which stand to affect the success or failure of the human project).

Once again, we see public outrage, but for the wrong reasons - this move by the elites will serve to undermine fundamental truths about the world in which we are now living, which, of course, makes for docile citizens. Can't have any disagreements now, can we?

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