Thursday, 16 November 2017

Not all freelance writers are created equal

Peppy the pony, Co. Mayo, Ireland

It's kind of obvious, isn't it? In the same way that plumbers are not all created equal and breeds of pony are not all created equal and even doctors are not all created equal (the one who diagnoses that life-threatening cancer which his colleagues dismissed, HAS to be a better doctor IMO).

But in this enlightened age of communitarianism and 'we're all equal, gov'' and all that twaddle, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of this simple fact.

Even the Huffington Post is weighing in on the subject with an excellent article that makes the point very well.

It is perhaps a consequence of the flourish of inexperienced and unprofessional individuals who think that being able to string two words together is enough to get you over the writerly line. It might work for a small job, but on jobs that require any level of research, creativity or due process you might find yourself wishing you'd paid for a professional.

Real writers can quickly assess the scope of a job, and bring solutions to the table you'd never even thought of. Real writers can tell you exactly how long a job will take (which is inevitably longer than you think) and deliver on time. Real writers understand the way different media work together and will ensure your communications hum together in tune to create a cogent, believable brand.

Have a squiz down the list of criteria to look for in a writer (check the article here if you missed it) and, like Peppy, you won't put a foot wrong.

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